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Shoplifting becomes impossible

The challenge

Supermarket Chicago (USA)

Like any supermarket, we had to deal with theft of merchandise. Only it was never clear to us how the goods disappeared from our shop. Thanks to Rocateq’s Check Out Security system, which we have linked to our CCTV system, this is now known. We saw that customers wanted to leave the shop with full shopping trolleys without paying.


Check Out Security and how it works

Rocateq did already secure our shopping trolleys and they offered a combination with Check Out Security. This prevents our shopping trolleys from disappearing and our customers can no longer leave the shop without paying for their purchases.


At the entrances and exits, the bakery, the ATM and at the check outs of our shop, Check Out Security transmitters were installed.


The Rocateq wheels under our shopping trolleys were recently installed and therefore immediately usable for Check Out Security.


By using special warning signs in the shopping trolley, our customers know that shoplifting in our shop is no longer possible.

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“Shoplifting becomes impossible”

Although every shop is different, Rocateq has designed the Check Out Security system in a way that it can be installed in each shop. We have stopped more than 10 full shopping trolleys in the first weeks after installation, this has already saved us over $2000. I would rather not think about what was stolen in previous years and I’m glad we now have Check Out Security.


Every 12 seconds a shopping trolley disappears worldwide.


Average value of theft in GBP with a shopping trolley.

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Supermarket Hamburg, Germany

No loss thanks to Cart Security

We had a serious problem with losing our shopping trolleys. Every week we searched 2 hours a week for our lost trolleys.

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