Cart Security

Shopping trolleys always available
No abrupt stop
Short payback period
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Basket Security

Invisible security
Active tag
Alarm beeps outside shop
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Check Out Security

Prevents shoplifting
CCTV connection possible
Also secures unmanned checkouts
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Rocateq protects your shop

Smart solutions to optimize your shop

Are you going to sit back and throw away your shopping trolley fleet and profitability? Or are you going to make sure your security runs smoothly? Fortunately, you can smartly secure your shopping trolleys and articles against theft and register whether the checkout has been passed. Rocateq has reinvented the wheel for exactly that purpose. So that you always have everything under control.

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Cost savings with Rocateq smart solutions


Every 12 seconds a shopping trolley disappears worldwide.

0 £

Average value of theft with a shopping trolley.

Supermarket Helsingor, Denemarken

Work more efficiently through shopping trolley security

We had a serious problem with losing our shopping trolleys. Every week we searched 2 hours a week for our lost shopping trolleys.

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