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Less loss of shopping carts

The challenge

Supermarket Santiago (Chile)

We are a large supermarket with thousands of customers every day. Around our store there are many large apartment buildings and there many of our shopping trolleys disappear.

We lost up to 30 carts a month. We also saw the shopping carts back on the street which caused a nuisance for municipality and the neighbourhood around our supermarket.


Shopping Cart Security and how it looks

We were happy that it was no problem for Rocateq to install Cart Security in an urban area. All the apartment buildings around our supermarket were no obstacle to installing the system. Luckily Rocateq had already installed the Cart Security system in several stores in Santiago, so they were familiar with the local regulations. Without any delay, our store was equipped with Cart Security.


Antenna cables were laid around our 3 car parks. These antenna cables are connected to 3 Rocateq transmitters installed in the store.


The Rocateq wheels were mounted on the hundreds of shopping carts within 2 days. Also anti-tilt brackets and warning signs were mounted on the carts.


After installation, Rocateq provided a good explanation of the operation of Cart Security. Our customers are informed by the warning signs mounted in the shopping carts and by the large signs on the car park.

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“After 6 months, we only lost 7 shopping carts”

Now that we have Cart Security in our supermarket, we hardly lose any shopping carts. In 6 months we have only lost 7 carts and without Cart Security it would have been 180.
Therefore, we are happy with our investment in Cart Security.


Every 12 seconds a shopping cart disappears worldwide.


Average value of theft in US dollar with a shopping cart.

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Supermarket Hamburg, Germany

No loss thanks to Cart Security

We had a serious problem with losing our shopping carts. Every week we searched 2 hours a week for our lost carts.

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