Less waste and longer lifetime of shopping trolleys

Rocateq stops theft and loss of shopping trolleys with their smart solutions. Many may not even know they have a shopping cart theft issue because most Loss Prevention executives do not ever see the financial loss information regarding shopping trolleys. Find out what the impact of loss of shopping trolleys really is and how it affects your sales.

  • The impact of loss of shopping trolleys
  • The impact of shrinkage on sales
  • The impact on the environment around your shop

“Theft and loss of shopping trolleys are a major expense for supermarkets.”
– Adam Cooper, Rocateq


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Facts that compel you to act


Average purchase cost shopping trolley


Stolen shopping carts per day (FMI)

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Increase in item count when using a cart during shopping

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  • 2,000,000 shopping carts stolen per year (FMI)
  • Stores lose about $6,000 to $12,000 annually due to shopping cart theft
  • On average 80 carts get stolen per year