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Shoplifting with a cart is history

Rocateq Check Out Security prevents theft from your store. Each shopping cart is registered upon entry and the cart can only leave the store if it passes the check out.

Rocateq protects your merchandise

Without the store manager being aware of it, it often happens that customers leave the store with a cart full with groceries without paying. Check Out Security prevents this form of theft. The Rocateq wheel locks when the thieves try to leave the store and an alarm signal is sounded at the same time. Because the thieves leave immediately, there is no confrontation with your staff and theft of expensive products is prevented.

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Clever Cart Control

Make sure only true customers check out

Watch the video to discover our Check Out Security solution.

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Smart theft prevention

No theft of merchandise with our check out security

Shoplifting is often unnoticed. Without seeing it, a fortune disappears from your supermarket every year. With Check Out Security you prevent expensive products from disappearing through the entrances and exits. Our solution is an ‘invisible’ security.

If the shopping cart has not passed the check out, the Rocateq wheel locks at the entrance and exit of the store. At the same time, an acoustic signal goes off and the store staff is warned about the theft. Check Out Security can be linked to your CCTV system and provides you a clear view of the perpetrators of the planned theft.

The shopping cart enters the store

When entering the store the shopping cart with the Rocateq wheel picks up an encrypted signal. This RF signal is stored in the Rocateq wheel during the shopping time of your customer.

Passing the check outs

The Rocateq wheel only gets permission to leave the store freely when your customer pays for the groceries at manned or unmanned check outs.

The shopping cart locks

The Rocateq wheel does not get the permission when your customer does not pay. When leaving the store the wheel locks, the alarm is activated and the CCTV system records the theft.

The Rocateq wheel fits on any cart

From shopping carts, DIY carts, furniture transport carts, luggage carts to roll cages.

Eco friendly

With your investment in Rocateq solutions it is visible that you have the best intentions for the surrounding area in which your store is located. Thanks to Rocateq your carts are not causing pollution, damage and nuisance.


Rocateq is the only manufacturer with BS, CE, FCC, UL, IC, CCC, NEN and BRE certifications. This assures you of a constant high quality of our products.

Social responsible

In the manufacturing of our products we respect the UN conventions on child labor. We provide healthy working conditions and we produce with respect for nature and the environment of our employees.

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Technical information

How our wheel works

Wheel fitting

The Rocateq wheels are available with different fitting options. Therefore the wheel fits on any cart.

Durable bearings

The Rocateq wheels are equipped with durable bearings for high load capacity. This makes the wheel applicable to all kind of carts.


The Rocateq wheels feature a durable rubber tread. Combined with the braking mechanism 'flat spots' (flat sides on the tread of the wheel) are unusual.

RF Receiver

The Rocateq wheel is equipped with a RF receiver. Once the RF receiver picks up the signal the braking mechanism will be activated.

Braking mechanism

The patent braking mechanism ensures the efficient braking of the Rocateq wheel. This mechanism prevents an abrupt stop.


The Rocateq wheel is equipped with a lithium battery. The lithium batteries last longer than alkaline batteries.

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“Many store managers do not really realise the high costs they incur as a result of shoplifting losses.”
– J.Bert Plomp, Rocateq

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Supermarket Chicago, USA

Shoplifting becomes impossible

Like any supermarket, we had to deal with theft of merchandise. Only it was never clear to us how the goods disappeared from the store.

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