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Rocateq’s Statement on Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed by Gatekeeper Systems Inc.

SAN FERNANDO, CALIFORNIA (February 2, 2023) – Rocateq has issued a statement on the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Gatekeeper Systems Inc. “Rocateq will vigorously fight Gatekeeper Systems Inc.’s patent lawsuit against Rocateq’s Check Out Security and Cart Security systems,” said CEO Adam Cooper. “Rocateq independently designed, developed, and commercialized the original technology for both the Check Out and Cart Security systems. We, and increasingly the market, believe that this original technology is superior to the legacy technology recited in the Gatekeeper patents.

“While Rocateq values and respects valid and enforceable intellectual property rights of others, Gatekeeper’s patent lawsuit lacks merit,” added Cooper. “We believe that it is an attempt to slow Rocateq’s growth and market adoption of its products. We believe that the asserted Gatekeeper patents are invalid and that Rocateq does not infringe any of the patents.”

Rocateq looks forward to defending itself against Gatekeeper’s lawsuit. “Rocateq believes that market competition—not lawsuits—should decide which products and technology best serve customers,” concluded Cooper.

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