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Shopping cart theft is history

Rocateq Cart Security is designed to protect your shopping carts. You will no longer lose sight of your carts because your customers will no longer be able to roll them off your property.

Rocateq protects your shopping carts

Wandering shopping carts are a major cost item. Shopping cart retrieval is time consuming and costly. Also a lot of shopping carts disappear or the carts come back dirty or damaged, resulting in a lot of repair and cleaning costs. With our solution your shopping carts stay in a proper condition, and on your site!

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Clever Cart Control

Hold your shopping carts close to you

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Smart braking mechanism

Your shopping carts stay on your site

We replace one of the front wheels of the shopping cart with the Rocateq wheel. This prevents customers from taking your cart home. Your customers can use the shopping cart in your store and on the parking lot. Once they try to leave the parking lot , the Rocateq wheel will lock.

If a customer comes up with the idea of lifting the cart over the locking signal, don’t worry this is impossible! When the customer pulls back the shopping cart in the direction of the store, the Rocateq wheel will automatically unlock.

The cart aproaches the warning stripes

When the shopping cart approaches the perimeter of the parking lot the Rocateq wheel picks up the encrypted RF signal.

The braking mechanism is activated

The locking and unlocking cable is installed underground and activates the braking mechanism of the wheel. When the customer moves back in the direction of the store the shopping cart will be released.

The shopping cart locks smoothly

The shopping cart will not lock abruptly but a strong braking effect is created. This braking effect prevents annoyance from your customers and unnecessary wear and tear on the wheel.

The Rocateq wheel fits on any cart

From shopping carts, DIY carts, furniture transport carts, luggage carts to roll cages.

Eco friendly

With your investment in Rocateq solutions it is visible that you have the best intentions for the surrounding area in which your store is located. Thanks to Rocateq your carts are not causing pollution, damage and nuisance.


Rocateq is the only manufacturer with BS, CE, FCC, UL, IC, CCC, NEN and BRE certifications. This assures you of a constant high quality of our products.

Social responsible

In the manufacturing of our products we respect the UN conventions on child labor. We provide healthy working conditions and we produce with respect for nature and the environment of our employees.

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Many may not even know they have a shopping cart theft problem because most Loss Prevention executives never see financial loss information regarding shopping carts. Find out what the real impact of shopping cart loss is and how it affects your sales.

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Technical information

How our wheel works

Wheel fitting

The Rocateq wheels are available with different fitting options. Therefore the wheel fits on any cart.

Durable bearings

The Rocateq wheels are equipped with durable bearings for high load capacity. This makes the wheel applicable to all kind of carts.


The Rocateq wheels feature a durable rubber tread. Combined with the braking mechanism 'flat spots' (flat sides on the tread of the wheel) are unusual.

RF Receiver

The Rocateq wheel is equipped with a RF receiver. Once the RF receiver picks up the signal the braking mechanism will be activated.

Braking mechanism

The patent braking mechanism ensures the efficient braking of the Rocateq wheel. This mechanism prevents an abrupt stop.


The Rocateq wheel is equipped with a lithium battery. The lithium batteries last longer than alkaline batteries.

We have 2 type of wheels

All our solutions are available with standard or travelator wheels.

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“Theft and loss of shopping carts are a major expense for supermarkets.”
– Adam Cooper, Rocateq

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Supermarket Santiago, Chile

We lost 30 shopping carts every month

Now that we have Cart Security in our supermarket, we hardly lose any shopping carts. In 6 months we only lost 7 carts!

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