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Seize the opportunity to cut back on your losses through Check Out Security and Cart Security. In the whitepaper you will find a detailed description on the ways in which you can improve your shopping cart strategy and boost your profits.

  • Less cart loss
  • More awareness
  • Increased profit

“The most successful loss prevention executives spend little time talking about “the cost of loss” and more about the impact the loss is having on sales.”
– Adam Cooper, Rocateq


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Facts that compel you to act

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Of shoplifters are considered professional thieves

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Of retailers reported an increase in Organized Retail Crime year-over-year

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Average costs per incident

Retail Loss Prevention

Regain your loss

Retail loss prevention really is worth the trouble. The value brought to organizations who have entrusted loss prevention teams to protect their assets has been quite literally immeasurable.

  • Gain insights into your shopping cart dynamics
  • Understand the cost of loss
  • Keep your customers happy