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More control through smart data

The smart Rocateq wheel automatically collects data from your customers while shopping, without storing any personal data. All data collected is anonymous.

Follow your carts and optimise the shopping experience of your customers

The collected data helps to improve your store operations. The cart management system of Rocateq is fully customizable. You determine which data from your store is important. Data such as number of shopping carts used, waiting time at the check out, visit per path, cart location, etc.

Clever Cart Control

A keen eye on cart data makes your business thrive

Watch the video to discover our Cart Management solution.

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Cart management actively informs you if there are long queues at the check out. You will automatically receive a push notification and can take immediate action.

IMPROVE YOUR shopping intelligence

You can collect as much information as you want. Record the route of your shopping carts? No problem with Rocateq Cart Management.


Real-time information on the number of shopping carts in use. If the outside cart shelter is full and there are no more shopping carts available inside, you can take immediate action.

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Technical information

How does the system work

Function 1

Cart Management can be installed together with other Rocateq solutions. It provides additional data on each specific cart. All information is collected anonymously.

Function 2

Because each shopping cart is registered separately, detailed information of every cart is available. Information such as location, battery status, shoppingtime of cart, etc.

Function 3

To keep a clear overview, all data is collected in one dashboard. This dashboard is also available on mobile devices.

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Does your store need our solution? Let us know and we will be happy to make you an offer.

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Want to test our cart management?

Are you not losing your shopping carts but are you always looking for further optimization of your store? Let us know what your whishes are, we will gladly advise you.

  • Follow all customers anonymously
  • Real-time information

“The real-time information helps store managers even more to stay in control of their organisation.”
– J.Bert Plomp, Rocateq


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No cart loss thanks to Cart Security

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