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No cart loss thanks to Cart Security

The challenge

Supermarket Hamburg (Germany)

We had a serious problem because we lost a lot of shopping carts. In addition, every week we spent many hours looking for our lost shopping carts. All this cost us a lot of money.

Rocateq Cart Security offered the solution to our problem. The shopping carts cannot leave the parking lot anymore and we save a lot of money year after year.


Cart Security and how it works

After we approached Rocateq to find a solution to our shopping cart problem they came up with their Cart Security solution. The installation, carried out by our own technicians, was done during opening hours but this did not cause any inconvenience. We and our customers did not notice anything of the work.


The antenna cable was laid around our parking lot. The Rocateq transmitter is installed in the store.


The Rocateq wheels fitted perfectly under our shopping carts and were mounted on the carts within a few hours.


After installation, we have received extensive information about the operation of Cart Security. Our customers are informed by signs in the shopping carts and the red marking lines on the parking lot.

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“No loss thanks to Cart Security”

Through Cart Security from Rocateq, we strongly limit the unproductive hours of our employees. We no longer have to search the area around the supermarket for our shopping carts. In addition, to my surprise it turned out that after 3 months we still had not lost any carts.


Every 12 seconds a shopping cart disappears worldwide.


Average value of theft in US dollar with a shopping cart.

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Supermarket Santiago, Chile

We lost 30 shopping carts every month

Now that we have Cart Security in our supermarket, we hardly lose any carts. In 6 months we only lost 7 shopping carts!

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