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Stop shoplifters in your store

Your supermarket is no exception when it comes to theft. Your customers load up their shopping carts and leave your supermarket without paying for the merchandise. Unfortunately you do not notice this, therefore you do not know how much shopping theft costs you every week.

The cost of theft

High loss of turnover due to shoplifting

Shoplifters come from different socioeconomic classes and in all shapes and ages. Some shoplifters come prepared and steal in a professional way, while most shoplifters act on impulse if given the opportunity. According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention more than $13 billion worth of goods is stolen from U.S. retailers every year. Grocery stores are prime targets for shoplifters. This means that shoplifting has a huge impact on the shrinkage rate of the retail sector.
(Source: Article published on Supermarket News, August 2019)

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Why you are missing out on money

More than $35 million is stolen every day

The value of the stolen merchandise from U.S. retailers has a major impact on the overall shrinkage rate.

Groceries stores are prime targets

With high shoplifting numbers it is obvious that shoplifting is a huge problem for U.S. retailers.

Average cost per incident is $559*

Popular stolen products are infant formula, laundry detergent, high-end liquor and energy drinks. *Source: National Retail Federation

Shoplifters are hardly ever caught

Shoplifters are caught once out of every 48 times they steal.

Approximately 1 out of 11 people is a shoplifter

According to NASP, both men and women shoplift in approximately equal proportion. Most shoplifters do not commit other type of crimes.

Shoplifting is mostly an amateurish act

Only 3% of shoplifters are considered professional thieves who steal things with the intent to resell them for a profit.

Secure your shopping carts

Stop losing money

Shoplifting has a big effect on your store result. Securing your shopping carts will prevent shopping theft.

How does it work?

1. Replace one wheel
With simply replacing the standard wheel of the shopping cart with a smart wheel, the shopping carts with stolen merchandise cannot leave the store anymore without alerting store personnel.

2. Smart wheel signal
When the shopping cart does not pass the checkout, the smart wheel will not get permission to leave the store.

3. Shopping cart locks
Without permission the shopping cart will lock at the exit of the store and an alarm will sound.

So in short, every customer must pass through a checkout lane to leave the store with the cart.

Our solutions explained

Rocateq prevents shoplifting, prevents the loss of shopping carts and the loss of shopping baskets. Also, store managers can get insights in the customers behavior.

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Additional benefits

Less shrinkage means more profit.

Preventing shoplifting positively affects your business results.

No risk for your employees.

No agression towards your store employees.

Fast return on investment.

Prevent 2 or 3 thefts per week and your investment will pay for itself within a few months.

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User story

$2000 in savings in one week

Supermarket Chicago (USA) – Like any supermarket, we had to deal with theft of merchandise. Only it was never clear to us how the goods disappeared from the store. Thanks to Rocateq’s Check Out Security system, which we have linked to our CCTV system, this is now known. We saw that customers wanted to leave the store with full shopping carts without paying.

“Shoplifting becomes impossible”

Although every store is different, Rocateq has designed the Check Out Security system in a way that it can be installed in each store. We have stopped more than 10 full shopping carts in the first week after installation, this has already saved us over $2000. I would rather not think about what was stolen in previous years and I’m glad we now have Check Out Security.

Calculate your savings

Use the calculator to get an indication of how much you can save.

  • No unnecessary costs
  • Fast return on investment

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“Many store managers do not really realise the high costs they incur as a result of shoplifting.”
– Adam Cooper , Rocateq

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Keep in control of your store with our durable solutions.

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