Is your store a shoplifters dream?

Find out now by filling out the checklist on the right. More than 2 yeses? Your store is at big risk! Outsmart shoplifters with Rocateqs Check Out Security. Contact us today.

  • 70% of shoplifting is not planned in advance
  • Nearly $50 billion in retail crime annually
  • One-third of shoppers steal while using the self-checkouts

“No theft of merchandise with our Check Out Security.”
– Adam Cooper, Rocateq

Fill out the checklist and see if you are at risk:

The store has self-checkouts

The entrance and exit of your store are one and the same door

The passage is not always closed at the unmanned checkouts

Not enough staff to keep an eye on customers on the store floor

There is no security guard at the exit of the store

The customer is not required to carry a shopping basket or shopping cart while shopping

There is no known shoplifting policy in the store, or at least not visible to customers.

There is no CCTV system installed in your store.

More than 2 yeses? Your store is a shoplifters dream! Start saving money and contact us today.
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Average dollar loss per shoplifting incident (source NRF)

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Is your shop a shoplifters dream?

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  • Approximately 1 out of 11 people is a shoplifter
  • Groceries stores are prime targets
  • Shoplifters are caught once out of every 48 times they steal